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Full-Service for Property Owners in and Around Los Angeles + Southern California

The Eberly Company knows property management. Our family has owned and managed property in the city of Los Angeles for over 100 years. We have developed a system of management that focuses on accomplishing the owner's objectives, maximizing the owner's value of the investment, and achieving optimum quality of life for the residents and tenants.

We are a boutique family owned company that believes in a hands-on approach. You will always have a line and an open door to Charles Eberly, Cynthia Eberly, or Deena Eberly. Regardless of the number of serving objects, we are constantly updated and involved in every issue at every property.

Highly Effective for Owners and Residents Throughout Los Angeles

We maintain a highly effective management department with the support of an experienced, bilingual, and well-trained staff of executive, administrative, and clerical personnel. Our apartment properties are self-sufficient; they are fully staffed with on-site management, leasing, and maintenance personnel. Our entire staff meets with Charles and/or Deena Eberly on a daily basis.

Our management professionals have been earning the respect and trust of commercial, residential, and apartment real estate property owners in and around the area of Los Angeles for several years. Whether you need property management, commercial leasing, or are interested in selling or buying tenure, you can be confident that The Eberly Company will provide you with the highest quality and most efficient services available.